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Companies need to develop a foundation of network infrastructure that can help innovate quickly, be in sync with business changes and prepare them for the future. The digital transformation requires a simple, intelligent, automated and secure infrastructure.

Infra Solutions:

  • Routing & Switching (Enterprise e Service Provider);
  • Data Center;
  • SD-WAN;
  • Network Management & Automation.

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The Digital Workplace allows employees to work remotely from anywhere, at any time and using any device, enabling new ways of jobs, increasing the productivity and agility.

Workplace Solutions:

  • Voice;
  • Video;
  • Meetings;
  • Collaboration Tools;
  • Customer support.

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Digital technologies are transforming the business world. An increasing number of companies are adopting IoT devices and moving more data to the cloud. These technologies are also making companies reinvent traditional business models and innovate with new sales opportunities.

We have never had so many cyber threats as today and the attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Protection against those threats requires an approach based on proactive, integrated (end-to-end security) and automated solutions.

Security Solutions:

  • Security Infrastructure;
  • Microsegmentation;
  • Predictive Threat Intelligence;
  • Automation;
  • SecOps.

Virtualization - click to learn more

Digital transformation improves business, but the technology behind it is what makes it happen. Integrated clouds, modern data centers, connected IoT devices, Big Data, DevOps, and digital workspaces are key components of this transformation. Virtualization is one of the most important technologies that can help organizations on the evolution process.

Virtualization Solutions:

  • Network Virtualization;
  • Server Virtualization;
  • Storage Virtualization;
  • Automation.


The real importance of technology lies in its ability to solve specific problems, leverage business, optimize processes and improve operational models. Dynalogic combines experience and best practices to understand the specific needs of its customers and then propose solutions and improvements in line with the current situation of its technology infrastructure.


Discover the consulting services provided by Dynalogic:

Design and Implementation

Customized Training

Technology evolution

Network Optimization


Partnerships and Certifications

Dynalogic's current partnerships are aligned with the emerging and innovative technologies in the market and based on the Dynalogic’s professional experience in solutions integration.

Dynalogic is a Select Partner Level for Cisco solutions, which demonstrates the company's mastery of Cisco technologies. Dynalogic also has professionals with the most recognized certifications in this area.

Based on commitment, agility and constant mindset to add value to customers, Cisco selected Dynalogic as a Preferred Partner to design and implement solutions for different customers across Latin America.

This is one of the most advanced levels of partnership with Vmware proving that Dynalogic has know-how and certified professionals with skills to design and implement Vmware's virtualization and automation solutions according to the customer requirements.

Dynalogic is a specialized partner for implementing Infoblox solutions such as NetMRI and DDI (DNS, DHCP and IPAM).

The partnership with Tufin aims to offer customers a multi-vendor platform for orchestrating, automating and security policies auditing addressing the new company’s cybersecurity reality, with multi-cloud environments and network access from different locations.

The partnership with Fortinet (a leading company for automated and integrated cyber security solutions), aims to offer security and SD-WAN products and services to our customers.

The partnership with Zebra Technologies (a world leader in indoor location services), aims to offer our customers RFID, Asset Tracking (Bluetooth and Beacons) and Ultra-Wideband products and services.