Satellite images and data collected by the sensors are processed using agrometeorological models and artificial intelligence, generating valuable information and knowledge to support crop management. The solution consists of agrometeorological sensors, a private network (Dynanet) and a cloud platform.

Benefits to farmers

Proactive Pest and Disease Control

Abortion control of flowers and fruits

More efficient application of fertilizers and agrochemicals

Reduction of water and power consumption in irrigation

Identification of the best planting and harvest windows

Weather forecast

Solution Highlights

Support during the harvest and generation of customized reports showing the gains;

Flexible solution. Suitable for different cultures;

End-to-end data encryption and no mobile network dependency;

Predictive analysis based on AI algorithms contributing to a better crop management;

Dashboard is simple, intuitive and allows farmers to easily access detailed agrometeorological insights.

Subscription Plans

The solution is contracted via semiannual or annual subscription, including:


Dashboards & Reports



Installation of weather stations and sensors. Access to the dashboard which brings valuable information to farmers. Proactive support, including periodic visits, to help farmers to extract maximum value from the solution. Training to use the platform.
Installation of the proprietary network (Dynanet) and integration with analytics platform on the cloud. Customized report at the end of each harvest to highlight the gains generated by the Dynalogic Smart Insights solution. Reactive support for network maintenance, replacement of parts and / or clarification of doubts.