Benefits for customers

Risk management

Monitor employees in risk areas and avoid accidents. Technologies such as RTLS (Real-time Location System) allow to know exactly where the employee is, what is his clearance for a certain area and if he is authorized to access that location within the production plant.

Asset Tracking

Locate real-time mobile assets, such as specialized test equipment and tools, that represent considerable capital expenditures, as well as improving the control and utilization of these assets.

Solution Highlights

Periodic reports showing the gains generated by Dynalogic's solution;

Flexible solution with the possibility to integrate with different platforms through APIs;

Predictive analysis based on multiple artificial intelligence algorithms;

Provides valuable information to customers through a simple and intuitive dashboard.

Subscription Plans

The solution is contracted via semiannual or annual subscription, including:


Dashboards & Reports



Integration of sensors in the customer network, enabling data collection. Access to the dashboard which brings valuable information for customers. Proactive support, including periodic visits, to help customers to extract maximum value from the solution. Training to operate the platform.
Addition of new sensors, microcontrollers and digital signal processing to enable data collection from machines and other industrial assets. Customized report to highlight the gains generated by the Dynalogic Smart Insights solution. Reactive support for parts replacement and / or clarification of doubts.